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what clients are saying about us
Dan French
L. Dan French Builders

Top-notch business! Professional and listened to our thoughts and ideas and built upon them. You cannot go wrong with choosing Stearns!

Scott Govitz
Beaverton Activity Center

The finished products from Stearns is always top-notch! The work Holly performed for us was volunteer, giving back to the community, and she performed it with kindness and high-quality with a modern design.

Adam Breault
Adam Breault Auctions

Working with Stearns has been outstanding! Stearns is a local business focused on quality business services as well as community involvement. Stearns is very professional, courteous and provides high-quality work!

Chuck Hineman
Gladwin County
(Past) Commissioner

Describe our company in 3 words… Professional. Dependable. High-Quality.

Gayle Reid
Gladwin County
Board of Commissioners Secretary

Stearns is efficient and courteous! When asked for making changes, Stearns completes them promptly with great communication.

Reverend Karen Blatt
Gladwin County Chamber of Commerce
(Past) Board Member

Caring, cutting-edge quality, commitment to detail – caring about their client’s work!

Bryan Locey
Beaverton Activity Center
Executive Board Member

Stearns is professional in communicating, designing and brainstorming ideas – they are the best source of marketing in our area! Stearns is Creative, Innovative, and Professional! Working with Stearns, they were pleasant and the work was more than satisfactory. Stearns has certainly increased our visibility in our community!

Corrine Wood
Gladwin County Chamber of Commerce
(Past) Board Member

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly and appreciated how she worked so hard to make our finished product right for us. Her knowledge, expertise and skills were very instrumental in assisting us with the design, look and feel that we were desirous of. She delivered on every level! You won’t be sorry. We needed someone in our community with her knowledge and skills and we are so fortunate to have Stearns, their skills and knowledge in our county. Best decision we made!

Rick Longstreth
Pure Arctic - in Norway

The broad range of services you offered allowed me to keep the project within one point of contact. You provided an honest approach, listened to my needs, and delivered a professional product at a reasonable price! Holly was always positive about my projects, and never caused me to doubt we could have what we wanted. Delivered on time, every time. In a sea of competition, price quality and timing is always important, Stearns delivered on all 3 – with honesty, intelligence, and focus!

Julie Nunn
Temple Theatre
(Past) Executive Director

We needed a strong communications partner who could readily convey our efforts and programming, and Stearns did this! Stearns partnered with us for all marketing duties and made our jobs easy! They just “get us” and can convey our message with very little time. I loved the ease in which you turned our thoughts into marketing materials that were “public ready!”

Yvette Keast
Gladwin County Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director

The Gladwin County Chamber of Commerce was looking for a rebranding that would propel us into a professional direction that would represent our members and county. Stearns developed our website and our 64 page Chamber Directory and delivered beautiful products in both areas. Gladwin County Chamber of Commerce and our Business Members are better represented in print and online due to Stearns. Call Stearns Marketing, they won’t disappoint you with their level of expertise and skill!