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Is it time to give your top producer a raise?

If your website is not the top sales producer in your category, it should be. Stearns specializes in web design and development that raises the bar on top-performing websites and driving traffic for clients who need sales leads or online sales. Let your website do the prospecting, so your sales team is free to close sales and provide quality service for key clients.

Let us build you a High Performance New Business Engine.

There is no doubt that website marketing plays a major role in B2B marketing today. And if you’re in a B2C category, the potential is even greater. Stearns takes building sites seriously! Once built, we began to focus on driving traffic to those sites.

In our web design and development experience, we have learned that you cannot transform an out of the box, cookie-cutter website package into a top-performer in a competitive category. So our process starts with a comprehensive website evaluation that determines and benchmarks the performance of competitive sites. We carefully examine the features and tactics that attract, retain and convert visitors into customers. We then use this information to prepare the website recommendations required to trump your most successful competitors.

85% of U.S. Purchases are researched and shopped on the Internet.
We’re your High-Performance 24/7 Sales Force

When you consider that your website never sleeps and it sees more prospects and customers than your entire sales force, you appreciate the significant role website marketing plays in your company’s success. Each year the stakes go higher. Based on a competitive website evaluation, we carefully examine the features and tactics that attract, retain and convert visitors into paying customers. We compile this information to prepare website recommendations and determine website optimizing, social media management, and/or conversion goals to track.

Digital Marketing is a constantly changing beast. Tactics used two years ago are vastly different from what’s happening now. Search engines, especially Google, are in a consistent state of flux in the way in which they perform searches. It’s our job to keep a finger on the pulse of how organic search is performed. We take great pride in our work, and we show it off by benchmarking and compiling your website’s data from start to finish, improving your ROI with our digital marketing services.

5 Phases of Website Design and Development:
Phase 1 | Discovery & Planning:

Competitive Website Evaluation – An in-depth look at the top performing websites in your category for the purpose of establishing goals, benchmarks and potential new features.
Keyword Analysis – Optimization recommendations to be implemented in design.
Creative Brief – A creative blueprint for the website including goals, mandatories and tone for the creative work developed.
Sitemap – Lists proposed pages and structures the internal linking of the site.

Phase 2 | Creative Messaging & Design:

Key Messages – Creative copy and content messaging based on keywords to be used throughout the website.
Web Page Designs – Grids developed for Home, Product, About and Contact pages.
Web Style Guide – Details how fonts, colors and grids for the website should be used.
Aggregate Images – Organization of all site images provided by client and procurement of stock images via one of 50 Getty libraries.
Creative Approval – Client reviews/approves design, copy, and graphic elements.

Phase 3 | Development:

Server Set-Up – A test server is used so that the site can be viewed during construction, simplifying the detection of glitches/anomalies prior to taking the site live.
Programming of Design – Programming of the design and creation of custom style sheets that facilitate the functions of the website on a WordPress platform.
Responsive Design – A site that is structured to be used on everything from large screens to mobile devices.
Contact / Lead Forms – Development of a contact module that stores information in a database, forwards it to the client and maintains the data for follow-up.
HTML5 Animation – Creation and integration of custom animation in an HTML5 format, unless an alternate format is requested by the client.
Installation of Analytic Code – Insertion of analytic code on every page of the site in order to track visitors and other data. Also, the creation of goal pages that allow the client to easily view what traffic is converting into customer leads and sales.

Phase 4 | Review:

Browser Check – and Edits to ensure functionality on IE, Fox, Chrome, Safari, Mobile.
Internal Linking Review – An evaluation and testing of all links on the individual site pages to confirm that they correctly interface with all other internal pages.
Meta / H-tag Check – An intense check of each and every META description, and H1, H2, and H3 tags to ensure consistency.
Spelling / Grammar Check – Both an electronic and manual, in-depth spelling and grammar check on every page of the site.
Final Approval – Final client approval of the site.

Phase 5 | Launch:

Domain Handling – Working with domain DNS records, the agency points the client’s URL to the correct server housing the new or revised website.
Transfer of Site Files – If the site’s test server is not its final hosting location, a transfer of files to the correct server and post-transfer testing will be implemented.
CMS Training – A training session on the CMS (content management system) teaching how to alter and format content within the website will be made available to the client-specified web manager by the agency.