Partnering with JIB Box

Stearns Marketing announces partnership with JIB Box

Stearns Marketing helps launch JIB Box products that securely protects customers delivered packages. 

Beaverton, MI (December 14, 2020) Stearns Marketing announces their partnership with JIB Box to bring customers security for their delivered packages. Stearns Marketing will bring awareness to JIB Box products throughout Mid-Michigan, the surrounding areas, and nationally.

Stearns strives to make sure that the services they deliver are not just a complete high-quality service, but also an innovative solution that will assure return on investment for our clients. One of Stearns’ greatest sources of value to their clients is – the way they think. With their diverse background and high level of expertise, they “wow” their clients at every step in their journey together. They are dedicated to taking their clients business to the next level,
and JIB Box will definitely receive the benefits of working with the Stearns Marketing team.

JIB Box LLC, an up-and-coming company, has developed a product that protects your delivered packages from theft and the weather. “Homeowners have peace of mind knowing their delivered packages are safe from theft and out of the elements,” states Kevin Kennett, inventor and owner. “Plus, it eliminates the hassle caused by missing packages for the owner and the delivery person.” JIB Box is engineered to be attractive, durable, and easy to use for both the package owner and the delivery person. Kevin Kennett has out done himself in bringing customers a product that ensures protection, for their delivered packages, from porch pirates and the weather.

With online shopping continually increasing, having a product like JIB Box helps shoppers securely protect their money by protecting the products that they purchase. Anyone that receives delivered packages can benefit from having a JIB Box at their disposal. This product will be a life saver, for all delivered packages!

Stearns Marketing and JIB Box’s partnership is complimentary to both businesses. Stearns gets to show off their skills in marketing a new product and JIB Box gets to present its branding in the best way possible to their customers. Stearns Marketing can increase any businesses marketing strategy, so let Stearns discover, build and grow your business online, print, and in person, as well.


Stearns Marketing has more than 40 years of experience and their mission is to start a conversation with customers in this fast connected world. Stearns uses their expertise to create solutions driven as much by knowledge and logic as by creativity and intuition. Their tagline is transforming your vision through innovative marketing, and that is exactly what Stearns Marketing strives to do each and every day. For more information on how Stearns Marketing can enhance your business visit


Based in the Mid-Michigan area, JIB Box LLC, is a new and upcoming company that builds package delivery boxes to protect your delivered packages from weather and theft. Whether at your home and/or business, these boxes are constructed specifically for all types of weather conditions and are easy to use for the delivery person and the owner of the JIB Box. If you want to ensure that your packages are safe and secure, please visit, to inquire about these boxes.

For further information regarding Stearns Marketing, contact:
Holly Stearns, Owner
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For further information regarding JIB Box, LLC, contact:
Kevin Kennett, Owner / Inventor
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