Partnering with Legacy Builders / Construction

Stearns Marketing announces partnership with Legacy Builders / Construction

Stearns Marketing gives Legacy Builders / Construction a marketing package to be proud to promote. 

Beaverton, MI (January 4, 2021) Stearns Marketing announces their partnership with Legacy Builders / Construction to provide a number of marketing services, building up their brand image and giving them a new branding position.

Legacy Builders / Construction, a company that has been in business for many years, has decided to rebrand themselves to give them a new look and feel for who they are. They want to let their clients know what they are all about and that the client is the focus of their business. Legacy’s mission is to build a strong relationship with their customers and to ensure that each project they work on gets the attention and professionalism that it desires.

Stearns provides a high level of expertise and experience, with a fast-paced go get’em attitude, for each of their services and exceeds their customers’ expectations consistently. They strive to make sure the services they deliver are high-quality, and they are dedicated to taking their clients business to the next level, more so with rebranding because they hit that “Sweet Spot” to improve their clients brand positioning. Legacy Builders has decided to team up with Stearns Marketing to discover their “Sweet Spot,” and it will surely enhance their business. Not only has Stearns provided a beautiful and professional branding package for Legacy, they also have designed a high-quality website via their website services, providing social media marketing, and custom designed sales pieces, among many other marketing related services Stearns and Legacy are working on together.

Stearns Marketing has given Legacy Builders the look they desire for their company and positioning them in the market to succeed. Stearns Marketing’s brand positioning is one of the best because their visual brand identity process begins with a comprehensive client briefing to fully understand and establish the objectives and parameters of the assignment. This gives their clients exactly what they want and need to position themselves competitively. Legacy Builders have chosen well and are guaranteed to rise above their fellow competitors. Keep a lookout for Stearns Marketing’s expert work via Stearns Marketing’s and Legacy Builders/Construction social platforms. You will be pleased with what you see!


Stearns Marketing’s team totals more than 40 years’ experience and their mission is to provide innovative marketing to their clients enabling them to start a conversation with their customers in this fast-paced, connected world. Stearns uses their expertise to create solutions driven as much by knowledge and logic as by creativity and intuition. Their tagline is transforming your vision through innovative marketing, and that is exactly what Stearns Marketing strives to do each and every day. For more information on how Stearns Marketing can take your business to the next level, visit


Legacy Builders / Construction is a residential construction company that focuses on general contracting services for all phases of home construction. Legacy’s “why” is what makes them stand out from their fellow competitors. They build lasting relationships with their clients, which fortifies trust, knowing that the project will be completed with professionalism and care. Legacy aims for excellent customer satisfaction and their clients always knows that Legacy’s “why” comes first.

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